Nov 9, 2009

Profile: Tom Montgomery-Fate

  1. What do you consider most valuable about your time at La Muse?  The focused time to write in a lovely setting with wonderful artist-comrades.  John and Kerry are wonderful hosts, and being artists/writers themselves, they know how to create an environment where both creativity and generosity can flourish.    
  2. Tell us, in a sentence or two, about the project you were focused on while at La Muse.   I was working on a nature memoir, for which I’ve since received a book contract (Beacon Press). 
  3. What advice would you give future attendees?  Get to know the town and the building and the garden and the little river and the mountain.  You don’t have to go anywhere.  I didn’t have a car and seldom left, but was very happy—even in February.  
  4. Describe the best meal you ate while at La Muse.  We had a short story writer chef who was a wonderful cook—Robert.  He prepared many, many wonderful meals

Thank you for contributing your profile, Tom! And hearty congratulations on the book contract. 

If you've stayed at La Muse and would like to be profiled, please e-mail: lamuseretreat [at] We'd love to feature you! Check back next Monday for the third in our profile series.

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