Nov 2, 2009

New Feature: Profiles!

We're excited to launch a new regular feature on the blog: profiles! We'll profile a current/past La Muse attendee each week. If you've been to La Muse and would like to be profiled, please e-mail: lamuseretreat [at] Big thanks to visual artist Julie Baugnet for kicking off the series!

1) What do you consider most valuable about your time at La Muse? 
The quiet lifestyle and the time available to do work intensely.

2) Tell us, in a sentence or two, about the project you were focused on while at La Muse. 
I was able to work on my painted artists’ books and create work for my gallery exhibit in Minneapolis, Mn. The days unfolded like a dream and this was my most productive studio time in my life.

3)What advice would you give future attendees?
Be attentive to the inspirations of the village and keep a strong focus on your project.

Check out Julie's answers to our 'wild card' questions!
4) Describe the best meal you ate while at La Muse.
« Duck a la Muse » created by the chef Susan Spaull (Residency Sept.08).

5) What three (French!) words would you use to describe La Muse?
Incroyable, super, et formidable! 

Thank you, Julie! Check out Julie's blog and be sure to visit next week when we profile Tom Montgomery-Fate.

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