Aug 23, 2011

Video and Photos of "Scenes from a Village" Expo


So here's the video of Deborah's Expo that we promised:

You can find out more about Deborah here.

Deborah, just before people came to see her paintings...

Deborah talking to Kerry and the American playwright Nora Seilheimer
John having fun talking to the locals about the paintings of their dogs an houses...

Filou waiting patiently for some food from the annual village Aperitif

It was a lot of fun...

Aug 6, 2011

"Scenes from a Village" - Deborah Clarke - Expo

Above is the poster for Deborah Clarke's "Scenes From a Village" which is showing here today and tomorrow!

Deborah lives in Grenoble and has been to La Muse three time now. You can check out more of her great watercolors here.

Aug 3, 2011

Going fast: Reduced Rates for August/September Retreat!

We still have rooms available for the August/September retreat.

So, a call to all former Musers: we are reducing the high season retreat rate to 600 Euros for the three weeks, on a first come first serve basis!

That's nearly 400 Euros off on Clio and 335 Euros off on Euterpe!

And for all of you out there who have not been to La Muse before: we are reducing the high season retreat rate to 750 Euros for the three weeks retreat, again on a first come first serve basis!

That means nearly 200 Euros off Euterpe and 245 Euros off Clio!

Email us now to book your room or please spread the news!