Mar 29, 2010

Where to Read About France

In a moment of research insanity we decided to check out the net for French news outlets/portals/newspapers.

So, if you want to know what's going on here then here's where you should look. If any of you guys out there know of others PLEASE do tell and we'll add them to these:


Agence France-Presse (AFP)
One of the biggest three news agencies.

France 24
Gobal news channel.

France Diplomatie
Site by Ministry of Foreign Affairs offering diplomatic news and articles from freelancers and the French newspapers.

International Herald Tribune
Great newspaper edited in Paris with news from all over the world.

Le Monde Diplomatique

Monthly mag.

Tocqueville Connection, The

Weekly business and politics in France and Europe.

Voltaire Network
Paris based international network of non-aligned press groups... zany.

Radio France Internationale (RFI)
English language service: international news and reviews of French newspapers.


The Connexion
Newspaper for English-speaking expats living in France. - France
A portal: daily French news and info on living/working/moving to France.

French Property News
Property mag.

Lost in France

Guide to living in France, French property and holidays.


Metropole Paris
Weekly Parisien news.

Paris Notes
Paris guide.

Paris Voice

Mag for English-speaking Parisians.

Paris Woman Journal
Online bimonthly magazine.


Riviera Magazine
French Riviera.

Riviera Times
Italian Riviera and the Principality of Monaco.

Mar 22, 2010

Ebay ad

OK, so we don't refer to someone's writing capabilities very often on the blog but this guy who wrote up an ad for his Renault Clio on eBay is a classic.

It's a cross/admixture of Holden Caulfield/Mark Renton character speak, but FAR funnier. Check it out here and give yourself a laugh!

Mar 16, 2010

“Cultivating Creative Expression”

This summer come and experience...

"Cultivating Creative Expression", a 10-day insight oriented workshop using the arts as a vehicle for growth, change, and transformation.

This experience is for the creatively curious, for therapists interested in the healing potential of the arts, and for artists seeking a deeper connection to their medium.

Explore Expressive Arts Therapy in 4 hours of daily structured activities, using writing, music, art and dance as a self-help healing process.  Awaken the language of images, symbols, and metaphors expressed by the deepest aspects of the self.

In a safe, nurturing environment, designed for all levels of participation explore:

* Artistic risk-taking
* Developing creative habits
* Vision planning and actualization
* Learning how your body supports or impedes your efforts
* Discovering the inter-relationship between all artistic mediums
* Delighting in the process, as well as the end results

The arts as medicine focuses on healing, stress reduction, activating the spirit, and steering one's personal healing process, while developing outlets for creative expression.

Unstructured time may include trips to the open market and historical Cathar fortresses, personal artistic pursuits, dance jams, hiking, swimming in the lake, cooking, and enjoying the La Muse library.

Workshop Fee:  $1100.00
Registration and Information:
Nandi Szabo, M.A., ADTR
Creative Arts Therapist
P.O.  Box 191355
Sacramento, CA 95819

For room rates and additional details: La Muse 

Mar 5, 2010

Landfill Prizewinners Announced

In January, we urged everyone to nominate their favorite useless junk for the 2010 Landfill Prize. Well, the results are in and the junk is staggering! Friend of La Muse, Philip Evans, nominated the Operatic Pasta Timer, which came in #8:

"So, you want to cook pasta, you have no sense of time – or even a kitchen timer – and you've never learnt how to tell if your pasta's al dente (ie throw it at a wall and see if it sticks). You may be the one person on earth who needs the Al Dente Operatic Pasta Timer. It's a pasta timer in the shape of a little man, which has an inbuilt water-activated timer. When the water has been boiling long enough, the timer sings with an electronic computer voice. It sings opera. After 7 minutes, it sings The Triumphal March from Aida; after 9 minutes, The Chorus of Hebrew Slaves, from Nabucco, and after 11 minutes La Donna e Movile from Rigoletto. Here at Landfill Towers, we like fresh pasta that cooks in three minutes. Guess it would be soggy."
Check out the rest of the, er, winners over here.

Mar 3, 2010

Galifianakis Kick

A nice alternative to the standard book trailer (if you can get Zach Galifianakis to your living room). [via galleycat]

It's a good weekend to be a vampire. [via NY Magazine's Vulture]