Donations made to our non-profit, L'Association 'La Muse' pour la creation et la culture en Montagne Noire et Cabardes, are completely tax deductible and go toward our residency and fellowship programs as well as to La Muse cultural and artistic initiatives both here and abroad.

La Muse's mission is to keep La Muse accessible to both emerging and established artists and writers and to provide for them a space in which they feel inspired and focused on their work. Because La Muse is not supported (at present) by any foundations or grants, it cannot afford to offer more than a few residencies a year as well as a barter opportunity nearly every month. Those presently offered are not underwritten by any foundations; La Muse is simply giving a room for one retreat or more to writers and artists who apply, and it does this in order to support artists and their work.

If you are a former Muser or a friend to the arts (either an individual or part of an organisation) please donate to La Muse so that other creative individuals can avail of the gift you give to take time away to concetrate on their work. Our become a member section has many suggestions on how you or your organization could help La Muse.

The Eielson-Fannings hope to broaden the residency program through donations made to the association, and are truly and eternally grateful for all your generous contributions. Please contact us with any questions you might have about La Muse.

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