Apr 4, 2008

Tim Keane - Alphabets of Elsewhere

Tim Keane, who attended La Muse last year, has just had a book of poetry published.

Please check him out at his website, or buy his collection on Amazon, in St. Mark's bookstore or directly from Cinnamon Press.


Here's what a few people had to say about his poetry:

'Tim Keane's poems move with impetuous energy, fired by a centrifugal and neo-Romantic enthusiasm. His appetite for texture, color, sound, culture, and sensation is inspiring.'
-Wayne Koestenbaum, Hotel Theory & Jackie Under My Skin

`With a subtle, economic music that retains the strength of fiction, Tim Keane surveys the world -- through desire's fancy and memories of the real -- with the accuracy of a cartographer.'
-Ammiel Alcalay, Memories of Our Future & Sarajevo Blues

`Tim Keane paints daybreaks, loves, losses, and longing. His is a passionate voice that does not compromise its craft, a voice free of ‘chic ironies,’ engaged with its times, politics, places beyond its borders, a voice that assures us American poetry is in good hands.
-Naveed Alam, A Queen of No Ordinary Realms

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