Apr 14, 2008

Recent Press

Three articles about La Muse were published last month.

The first profile was on Ginny Wiehardt's great Fiction Writing website for About.com. Ginny came to La Muse as a guest at the wedding of Soft Skull press publisher Richard Nash two years ago; as chance would have it, she had already been accepted on a barter residency at La Muse when she found out that this was also to be the location of her good friends' wedding. Ginny is currently revising a novel. Her book of poetry, Compulsion of the Unlocked Thing, was a finalist for the Ohio State University/The Journal Book Award in Poetry in 2005.

The second article was in the El Dorado Sun's Sun Monthly, entitled "The Power of Writing to Heal," by former La Muse attendee, Shanti Bannwart from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shanti attended La Muse in April 2006. Her most recent article, Eating Her Children, appeared in the June issue of monthly The Tokyo Advocate published by Printed Matter Press.

The third was an interview with Kerry and John in The Connexion, the largest expatriate newspaper in France, discussing how they made La Muse possible.

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Ginny said...

I was googling for something else, and it turned into a great excuse to look at all the wonderful things that have been going on at La Muse. (And thanks for the links, btw. They're much appreciated!)