Apr 15, 2008

Art Expo Night

Now that all the Sunday art shows are over we've finally got around to posting some photos from the night. You can also check them out on Facebook too.

The guy with the hat and a smile is Denis Morin.

His wine domaine Chateau La Villatade supplied the red and rose wines for the night.

Below, our neighbor Yves Moffre plays his sax in front of Tom Darnell's landscapes.

Yves is the organizer of the Roquefere Jazz Festival. The Jazz Sous Les Chataigniers is on every August for three days with musicians from all over the world playing. Every year it gets bigger.

Rey, below, shows Janet Stilson his mother's paintings of our village. Elinore Hollinshead, Rey's mom, stayed at the annex last month.

Two of the local octogenarians, below, enjoy the party. To the left of them is a painting by Mary Offermann from Santa Cruz. She lives here for five months of the year in the nearby village of Miraval.

Seanin, aka The Troubadore, plays his mandolin, below left. Seanin attended La Muse on a barter last month.

John and Kerry with Christian Bastian. Christian's paintings are barely visible on the wall directly behind John's head, but you can check him out on his website.

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