Jan 4, 2010

Profile: Róisín Meaney

We're grateful to Róisín Meaney for contributing this week's profile. Róisín is a bestselling Irish novelist and children's book writer. Her newest novel, Love in the Making, comes out in February and we can't wait!  

1) What do you consider most valuable about your time at La Muse? The fact that I'm distanced from the distractions of home is wonderful - and the fact that a myriad of beautiful walking trails are on my doorstep comes a close second.  

2) Tell us, in a sentence or two, about the project you were focused on while at La Muse. I had two projects. One was putting a new children's book together, aimed at the six to eight year olds, and the other was coming up with a plot for my seventh adult novel. I got the children's book written, and I've got the bones of a plot that I think will be fairly easy to flesh out (she said hopefully).

3)    What advice would you give future attendees? Lap up the scenery, walk in the forests, breathe in the clean mountain air, drink the spring water. Relax, unwind and recharge - your work will be the better for it. 

4) Describe the best meal you ate while at La Muse. Roast chicken cooked by Peter, our resident foodie. Stuffed with fresh tarragon, smashed garlic, chopped lemon. Massaged all over with a slab of butter, slathered with olive oil, salt and freshly-cracked peppercorns, and well-basted all the way through. Tender, moist, delicious, mmm. Thanks Peter.

5) What’s your one must-pack travel essential? Jasmine perfume - hey, I'm a girl!

Roisin added this question to our wild-card list: 
6) What one piece of kitchen equipment would you add to the La Muse kitchen? An electric beater. 

Roisin made a mean meringue even without an electric beater; we wonder at what she could whip up with one! 


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