Jan 20, 2010

Inspiration on Paper

The new issue of Poets & Writers is perfect for the new year. The issue's theme is Inspiration, and Chip Kidd's whirling-dervishes-meet-spirograph-swirls cover kicks it off right. Inside, things just keep getting better.

We've already enjoyed a great piece on "how the winter's biggest books got started,'" some new insights on the psychology of writer's block, and an inside look at Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi. Only the third link directs to the actual article; the other two are print only. But it's a great time to subscribe to the magazine; online literary journal Fiction Writers Review is offering a special subscription rate of only $12 (or $22 for two years) in support of Jeremiah Chamberlain's  incisive and inspiring "Inside Indie Bookstores" series.

Speaking of independent booksellers and subscribing to magazines, we're resolving to spend a little less time staring at screens this year, and a little more with the printed (on paper) word. Join us?

Read the Printed Word!

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