Dec 7, 2009

Profile: Sherry Christie

Thanks to Sherry Christie (pictured to the left enjoying the view at La Muse) for this week's profile. Click here to read more about, Roma Amor, the novel Sherry was working on while at La Muse.

1) What do you consider most valuable about your time at La Muse? Freedom! Freedom from everyday distractions as well as freedom to focus on what I really love.

2) Tell us, in a sentence or two, about the project you were focused on while at La Muse. Editing an epic historical novel about Caligula’s Rome that was originally 271,000 words. During my stay at La Muse I rewrote and cut, shrinking it by 100,000 words.

3) What advice would you give future attendees? Come with a goal for what you want to achieve. But don’t bring any preconceived ideas about the La Muse experience; just “chillax” and enjoy the people and the place. Try to brush up on your French so you can converse with the villagers.

4) Describe the best meal you ate while at La Muse. In terms of gastronomic enjoyment: definitely the 12-euro lunch at Sire de Cabaret (truite amandine, moules marinières, haricots verts, tarte à limon, with a glass of a very pleasant local vin rouge). In terms of bonhomie, the crêpes fixed by John for our book swap brunch. With Dwight’s rhubarb compôte… mm!

Sherry's our second profilee to contribute a new wild card question. Thanks, Sherry! 

5) What’s the one thing you didn’t do at La Muse that you now regret? Learn how to pronounce Esparbairenque! 


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