Dec 15, 2009

barter gift guide #5: best gift ever

Lofty title, we know. But we suspect if you asked the artists and writers in your life what they most need to finish their creative projects,  nearly all of them would say: time and space. Time and space to write, think, and create. Time and space are the best gifts you could give your artist friend (or yourself!) in support of his (or your) creative goals.

We're admittedly biased, but we believe that La Muse is one of the best places on the planet to pursue creative work. Please visit our website and consider the gift of time and space.

You might also consider adding La Muse itself to your list this year. La Muse is a non-profit organization (France's equivalent of a 501(c)3), dedicated to supporting artists and their work. Donations to La Muse are fully tax-deductible, and your gift could make all the difference to an artist in need of time and space.

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