Dec 6, 2011

Tanya Byrne

Tanya Byrne
Well done to the lovely Londoner Tania Byrne!

Her debut novel Heart-Shaped Bruise is going to be published next May by Headline.

Tanya started the novel at La Muse and is now really excited about writing the next one. (Headline also bought up the rights to that one too.) 

The story is about Emily Koll, the most notorious inmate of Archway Young Offenders Institution. Through her journals, she relates the story of how far she went to get revenge on the girl whose testimony sent her father to prison.

This is what the commisioning editor had to say about Tanya's novel:
Her writing is stunning and we’re convinced she’s got a fabulous career ahead of her.
We're so excited for Tanya. Again, well done!

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