Dec 6, 2010

Healing Arts Workshop

Retreat 6: May 28 - June 4, next year, will be a Healing Arts Workshop with Nandi Szabo

Nandi's been to La Muse twice before so we're delighted to have her back with her second workshop, as it was so much fun having her here last year!

Creative Art Therapies, CAT (also called Expressive Arts Therapy), which includes dance movement, art, music, poetry, photo and psychodrama therapy is Nandi's field. She got her masters from the Expressive Arts Therapy graduate program at Lesley College in Cambridge Massachusetts and combines clinical training in psychology and firsthand knowledge of the arts and their potential for holistic healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Nandi has worked with cancer patients at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento CA for the last 14 years and has also taught the courses “Psychology of Creativity” and the “Therapeutic use of the Arts” at Sacramento City College.  She believes creativity plays an important role in living a meaningful life as well as moving consciously into the end of life transition, and is inspired by the CAT relationship between other healing arts such as yoga, meditation, spirituality and arts in healthcare.

You can find out more specific information about the workshop on Nandi's site The Art of Living and Dying.

Email us or email Nandi now for more info about availability!

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