Oct 4, 2010

Land Art

Inspired by the work of British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist Andy Goldsworthy, the local French artist, Christophe Eppe from St. Julien suggested doing a Land Art day with our residents and other locals. It was a lot of fun!

The photos were taken by Kerry and one of our residents Lynne Hollander . First up a slideshow:

And now a little explanation:

Lynne Hollander (in blue) and Kristal McMillan from Roquefere, puzzle over what should become a stone sphere.

The rest of the team are busy foraging for flat stones with round edges of all sizes.

La Muse residents Lynne Hollander and Jaclynn Gereluk (right) join neighbors Kristal McMillan (from Roquefere) and local artist Christophe Eppe (from St. Julien) in finding the perfect stone for each spot.

Meditative work, indeed!

Great work can't be rushed.

After realizing the sphere was starting to look like an egg, Kristal, Christophe and local French artist and sculptor Virginie Campagnie (from Miraval) undo the sphere in order to give it a rounder, more stable base.

Christophe's advice, "Don't rush!"

A new beginning.

La Muse co-owner/director Kerry Eielson lends a hand to Jaclynn, Katharine Whitcomb, Kerrie Maynes, Kristal and Virginie to make a broader base for a rounder form.

You can see what Katharine has about the getogether here and what Kerrie had to say about it here.

Essential for a sound structure: each layer has to be flat and solid.

Kerry, Jaclynn, Katharine and Virginie aim for a surface worthy of a meal.


Our stone sphere "rolled" off its perch. No one was squashed.

We decided this would be a good time to break for our picnic, which was fortunately sustaining (chicken with prunes and olives, carrots, toasts, cheese, apples, oranges, chocolate, and coffee).

Turns out Land Art is pretty hard work!

We decided to let the stones lead the way, and build an egg after all.

"How about a really small egg?" said Katharine after lunch, in French to boot!

This is Kerrie and Katharine adding another layer.

Layers later, after working through sun, mist, rain and wind, Christophe and Katharine near the summit!

 An egg with a view...

Thanks for the great idea Christophe!


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