Jun 29, 2010

New Poems

Nicholas Wong, a great poet, who is here on a barter fellowship, just published a few new poems here on the cool blog Asia Writes. The poems were written during his Rimbun Dahan Artist Residency in Malaysia in August '08.

Nic was a recipient of the Academy of American Poets Award in 2008 and 2010 and is studying Comparative Literature & Society at Columbia University. He's working on his first poetry collection, Extinction Suite, his poems having appeared in The Rialto, Southeast Asian Review of English, and The Columbia Review, among others.


Rhea Tregebov said...

Nic sounds like an amazing guy. Look forward to reading his work. Rhea

La Muse said...

Hey Rhea,

And he's only 21! Think you're gonna love his work.