Sep 22, 2009

September Book Swap

So, we had the book swap yesterday morning with crepes and homemade fig jam, rhubarb and apple compotes and blueberry jam.

After eating Johanne Clynne was first with her books Alain de Botton's The Art of Travel and the BBC's publication Coast which depicts the village Johanne grew up in, Warsash, a village in southern Hampshire, England.

Gardenia Spiegel told us about her two choices next: Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking, and Italo Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveller. Gardenia chose Didion's book because she too is writing a memoir. While writing the memoir Gardenia will also be working on a screenplay of Calvino's novel.

Last came Dwight Cassin, an artist from Chicago. Dwight donated the Journal of Eugene Delacroix first, a book that documents Delacroix's life from 1822 to 1863. Dwight also gave the library Working by Studs Terkel because, he says, Terkel's book tells the stories of real working Chicagoans, interviewed over forty years for NPR by Terkel.

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