Aug 20, 2009

Lillie Jayne's show: "Poppy! An Enchanted Evening With Poppy Bulova."

Lillie Jayne, a singer and writer who came to La Muse a few years ago and bought a house here to boot, will be putting her show up at the New York International Fringe Festival.

It's a funny, mostly musical and a little weird and it's called "Poppy! An Enchanted Evening With Poppy Bulova." It's a character piece. Lillie wrote and directed it as well as wrote the songs. Michael O'Dell made the piano arrangements. Lilly plays Poppy and Michael plays Fagen Beauregard.

She is humbly accepting donations of a penny or five dollars or ten dollars or more to help her get the show up. If you want to donate a penny or a million dollars or anything in between, you can go to the POPPY BULOVA page, and then click on GREEN ROOM and then click on CONTRIBUTE. Then you can press a magic button that goes to Paypal.

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