Mar 23, 2009

Reuters article - "Travel Picks: Top 10 vacations for the newly unemployed"

Reuters have picked up the article that was written about us in "Travel and Leisure" this month.

You can read the specific graf about us below and check out the full article here:

"6. Finish Your Novel in a Medieval French Village: Got a half-written novel sitting in a drawer? Find inspiration at La Muse writers' retreat in Labastide-Esparbairenque, in the heart of Cathar country in the Languedoc. Its location in a quiet, secluded medieval village means there are no distractions here beyond the rustic food, the local farmers' markets, the nearby wineries, and the company of other writers."

If any one else out there would like to do an article on La Muse please email us at and we'll help you with whatever information you need!

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