Oct 10, 2008

August Art Expo

So, the first paintings you see on the video above are by our resident artists last August, Jane Hoople and Rachael Peacock. Jane's are the two top paintings and Rachael's are the three portraits below them (they were all done at La Muse.)

Next: (the landscapes on the easel) Painted by Mary Offermann, an artist from Santa Cruz who spends all her summers two villages down from us in Miraval.

Next: (the earth colored mystical landscapes on the white wall) are by the local artist, Maria Walther.

Next: (the large oil landscapes on the back wall) are by our friend the Texan artist, Thomas Darnell, who also lives here in Aude.

Next: The four very colorful canvasses on the stone wall are by Lance Simms, also from Santa Cruz, California.

Next: Beside Lance are local artist Virginie Campagnie's cool collage paintings.

Last: Christine Lange's abstracts.

Above is a video of Judith Mok, the Dutch opera singer and writer, singing her last piece "Summertime." Judith sang four beautiful songs in the medieval chapel next door to our art studio.

Thanks to Jane Hoople for taking the two videos of the exhibition!

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