Oct 18, 2007

Cepes Among the Chestnut Trees

I brought the boys to a waterfall nearby today to have a snack of walnuts and plums and on the road all the way we kept finding mushrooms...St. Michels, cepes, Rosiers des pres, and some standard fungi, which look pretty in the basket but I don't think we'll eat.

Of course, I checked with the locals to make sure I wasn't about to poison my family and got the greenlight. What a lunch we had!

One of my favorite things about living here is eating the stuff of the mountains...hunters bring us wildboar and chevreuil, we collect chestnuts, figs, plums, pears. Our neighbors make honey and grow rabbits and chickens and pigs! Gotta love it. We cook it all up in our bread oven, which we only this summer learned to use, thanks to a food writer who came in March and got it cleaned out and started up. Our next slated bread-oven feast is Thanksgiving!

Anyway, I really should be doing laundry.

Tell us any of your recipes if you know some!

All the best,



Sarah said...

So glad you're blogging! This brought me back to the good times of last October. Even though life is good here in NYC, I do wish I were in Labastide right now gathering mushrooms. All my love to the boys,
Sarah Deming

La Muse said...

Hey Sarah,

We missed you too whilst in teh forest.

We were talking about you and Nakima while we were finding Cepes...

The boys were hilarious poking about the bases of the chestnut treees with their little sticks.

Glad to hear you're enjoying NY. We do miss the sushi and Mexican and many other things....

All our love,